Fox R3 Camo Chair,

If you’re looking for a high-backed angling chair, whether that is for a
longer carp fishing session or simply because you require the additional
support of a high back on a chair, then you need look no further. The
Fox R3 Camo Chair offers complete back support, with the added bonus of
neoprene covered arm rests for additional comfort. In fact, this chair
is so comfortable that you’ll hardly want to get out of it when your
bite alarm screams!

This chair has been modelled on the back of the success of the R series
of bedchairs and there are three versions of the chair in the R series.
The first is a small and low lying R1 chair, which is perfect for short
sessions and tight swims. The second is an intermediate chair that has
been designed for short overnight sessions, the R2. This is the R3; the
largest chair in the range with the highest back and offering the most
features. All of the chairs in the range are finished with Fox’s
original camouflage pattern trim, ensuring they not only look great as
stand alone pieces but also that they’ll look fantastic with any other
Fox Camo item.

The main body of the R3 Camo Chair has high density foam padding, for
exceptional comfort, and is coated in micro-fleece for exquisite
softness. This padding extends from the seat of the chair all the way up
to the top of the back, with additional padding on the headrest. The
back of the chair is completely adjustable, via cam wheel operation,
which allows you to sit comfortably in any position. You can even
semi-recline this chair for forty winks on a warm and quiet summer
session. This exceptional body is built on a steel frame and it has four
fully adjustable legs, allowing you to get a level seat on even the most
adverse terrain. Swivel mud feet finish the R3 with a sturdy base, no
matter the conditions.


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