The Fox Mini Micron bite alarms offer carp anglers a modern re-worked version of the old-school classic from Fox. Boasting a number of great features, the Mini Micron Bite Alarm is a must-have for anglers looking to pack a compact bag for the bankside.

The alarm offers both a volume control button and tone control button with four settings each so you can tailor tone and volume to your preference and surroundings. This can be heard through the crisp Piezo Speaker. You also have 2 different sensitivity settings which can be selected depending on the wind conditions you are facing at the bank. 

With a drop back differential, 2 x 5mm High Vis green LEDs positioned at the top of the ears as well as LED intensity adjustability, this alarm also has visuals covered. The Mini Microns also provide rubber inlays to protect your rod, an On/off toggle switch for when you want to quickly silence your alarm as well as a knurled locking collar for stability.

Available in 3 colours: Green, Blue, and Orange


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