Widely regarded as one of the best fluorocarbon main lines on the
market, our Illusion XS has built a formidable reputation in recent
years. Illusion XS is fast sinking, extremely tough, very supple and
most importantly practically invisible underwater. In fact this line
performs so well under the water that it was a contributing factor in
underwater photographer and leading carp angler, Rob Hughes, deciding to
join Fox as a consultant. Over the years Rob has looked at all of the
major players underwater and he rates Illusion XS as the best he has
seen (or not seen as the case is with this stuff!). If you are targeting
gin clear venues, which particularly line-shy fish then this
fluorocarbon offering is without doubt your best option. In the past a
major criticism of fl uorocarbon lines has been that they are very wiry
and not good for casting, but thankfully we have used the latest
technology to make Illusion XS incredibly supple and therefore makes
casts well in excess of 100yds easily achievable. Perfect for line shy
fish, there is no need for backleads at all as it sinks rapidly pinning
your line down, preventing it from being detected.


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