Fox Zig Aligna Loading Tools, The Fox Zig Aligna system has consistently provided anglers up and down the country with a huge increase in their success rate. Loading bait no longer has to be an arduous task and with this loading system you’re sure to have a far more enjoyable angling experience. Following the incredible success of the Zig Aligna’s since their launch, Fox have been inundated with requests to sell the special little loading tool separately and also to make it a brighter colour. Fox have therefore made the tool bright Fox orange and put two in a packet to be sold separate to the Aligna’s and Foam themselves.Finally, the long awaited loading tool to complete the Fox Aligna systems has arrived. Specifically asked by users to be separated from the rest of the Fox Aligna loading systems, you finally have this uniquely designed method on its own without any other additional products that you wouldn’t want included. Requests for the Fox Zig Aligna Loading Tools to be made a brighter colour have at last been answered, too. Newly styled in a bright orange tint, you can say goodbye to losing this vital part of your tackle ever again!Specifically made to be used in conjunction with the Fox Zig Aligna Foam or Fox Zig Aligna Sleeve, you can be sure of achieving the results you want whilst using this loading tool. Of course, the benefit to the loading tool now being sold separately is that there’s no longer any need for you to pair it with anything you don’t want to, meaning that you’ve still got that little element of customisation that makes all the difference. So now you’re free to enjoy your angling experience your way, using only the pieces of the Fox Zig Aligna system that appeal to you!Supplied in a pack of two, Fox have remembered that it’s always better to have one extra for just in case. With this and the right bait, you’ll be well on your way to getting that dream catch. Having the extra one in the pack is always going to be useful, and when considered with their purposefully bright orange colouring, you can be sure that this is one loading system that you’re going to hang onto and enjoy! The Fox Zig Aligna Loading Tools have also been purposefully designed to respond to your grip, so there’s no need to worry about your loading tools slipping out of your hands. Loading your bait need no longer be a stressful task, as these have been specially designed to be clearly visible to the angler’s eye, their bright colour guarding them against possible future loss. Soon you’ll be wondering how you coped without them!Fox have consistently delivered products that have been wowing anglers up and down the country, and this latest solo element of the Zig Aligna range is sure to show you the reason for this well-earned reputation. Being brightly coloured and packaged in two, you’re sure to hang onto these for as long you need them. Their brightly orange colour will protect you against the chance of loss, which is an unnecessary frustration that you can now say goodbye to! Specially grooved so that they can fit right into your hands there’s a reduced risk of losing your loader, so you can say goodbye to another un-needed little annoyance! Ultimately a great buy, the Fox Zig Aligna Loading Tools are truly value for money!

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