Established in the 1960s by Cliff Fox, Fox International&is one of the leading tackle manufacturers in Europe.& With such a huge variety of products available there really is something for every angler & whether your discipline is in&carp, match and coarse, sea and sport,&predator, or modern lure fishing. There are a number of products available under Fox’s Black Label CIS banner all of which have been designed to allow you to create the ultimate bite indicator that suits the angling situation you are faced with on any given session. Supplied with two in a packet these 5g slim weights are designed for you to increase the weight of your slim heads that come supplied with the Bobbin and Slik Bobbin. Featuring a hardwearing black anodised finish the weights complement the Fox Black Label bankware range beautifully and the CIS (Customised Indication System) means you can tailor your bobbins to whatever best suits your multiple carp rod set up. You can simply buy a standard Bobbin or Slik Bobbin and then customise them or alternatively if you prefer you can build your own indicator from scratch from the CIS board. A great way to modify your bite indication system to cater for heavier fish or stronger winds.

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