On a bright spring day, with ripples bouncing across the water, carp will often be aggressively enjoying the natural bounty of subsurface fly larvae, including damsel nymphs & a banquet which will continue to hold their attention well into the long, warm days of summer sessions, where clear blue skies are reflected in still waters. Setting up on a grassy bankside, with the fresh, clean scents of promise and potential drifting on the breeze, zig fishing with the ESP Zig Bug Damsel Nymph ‘Lure’ is an effective way to get the attention of carp whose natural caution has been lessened by warm weather and tasty, natural treats. Expertly tied to super sharp ESP Curve-Shanx hooks, these zig bugs are buoyant enough to support a ‘long hook link’, giving you plenty of freedom to cruise the entire swim, ensuring that carp from the depths to the margins are made aware of what appears to be, from its black foam cast silhouette, a prime damsel nymph skimming just below the surface, ideally placed for an effortless take, and maximising the number of fish who are more than ready to bite. An effective replication of the natural damsel nymph when fished zig style, the ESP Damsel also features bright eyes, in a range of colours, to provide enhanced visual attraction to subsurface cruising carp. Available in sizes 8 and 10, and offered in barbed and barbless versions, these lures are suitable for almost any venue, and capable of handling any carp you’re likely to draw to a take in British waters.

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