Universal PVA refill, these 20mm and 25mm refills are great when you’re fishing micro pellets, offering a strong, anti-ladder construction, and allowing you to tie smaller knots, for unobtrusive underwater presentation.The ultrafine thread breaks down slowly, without leaving any residue, and is therefore effective for maximising your angling returns, whilst also being safe for the fish, and the wider water course. The controlled meltdown provided by this PVA gives wary fish plenty of time to investigate, and releases your bait slowly into the swim. As well as creating a constant, steady stream of attraction, bait that’s released gradually is less likely to arouse suspicion in cruising fish, meaning you’re more likely to benefit from increased bites.If you regularly use PVA, make sure you’ve got a couple of packs of these refills on hand, especially if you’re heading out for several days, or to a venue where the action’s known to be good.
 ESP PVA Mesh 20mm and 25mm Refill 

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