ESP is always right on the mark when it comes to leadcore bulk spoolsand these are no different with their innovative and useful design. The quality of these leaders is spectacular; youll be reeling in the biggest carp without worrying about your line breaking if the fish gets aggressiveor even if its just heavy.
These bulk 25m spools are available in four different colours: Original CamoWeedy GreenSandy Gravel and Choddy Silt. Each of these individual shades darkens down when submerged between the waterand they blend perfectly well with their respective backgrounds so your target fish will have no idea whats above your baitmaking them even more likely to be attracted to your hook. The four colour choices also means you can pick a leader that will fit perfectly for where you angleand you can still make the most of ESPs outstanding innovations if you angle in a different place thanks to the versatility of this leadcore range.

With a huge 45lb (20.5kg) breaking strainyou can reel in the biggest and most aggressive of carp with your rod with little to no damage to your leader; this will improve the overall performance of your cast and also prolongs the life of the spool as it can withstand the large amounts of pressure reeling in heftier fish can put on it. It really is the ultimate tool for the passionate and driven carp angler due to it reliability and strength.

It has many unique and beneficial features that will help you out on your fishing session or trip. It is fast sinking so your bait will get submerged quickly toothis is particularly useful if you use bait that dissolves rather faster than you would like in wateras this gives it the best chance to get it exactly where you want it. Not only thatbut it is also easy to splice. This is a useful technique as splicing leadcores produces an exceptionally neat joint which is far more streamlined and stronger than any knot. This simple method will make it sink even fasterdue to its increased dynamics.

The versatile qualities of this leadcore bulk doesnt stop at its variety of colours. Due to the soft lead coreit is extremely supple and therefore flexible and easy to handlemaking splicing it and attaching it to your rod as easy as can be. Howeverit also stiff and sturdy due to the inner core wire; this makes sure it doesnt move around all over the placewhilst remaining supple enough to use and shape how you want it. It will hug the bottom and follow its contours; it really is one of the easiest leadcore bulk spools on the market to use. Its accessibility to all kinds of anglers doesnt not in any way compromise its qualityit only makes it more useful.

If you enjoy deep water fishingthen the ESP Leadcore Bulk will be a great asset to you. It is weighty enough to keep your lures deep below the water when trollingso they will stay exactly where you want until you get the bite youre waiting for. It features brilliant abrasion resistance as wellwhich is particularly helpful when deep water fishing or sea water fishing; the leader will remain in its optimum condition no matter the conditions of the water.

These leadcore bulks have been put through exhaustive breaking strain tests which have shown that a spliced section of approximately 30mm is sufficient to obtain maximum join strength. They are some of the most inconspicuous and efficient leaders available to buy thanks to the excellent combination of characteristics and colours.