ESP Chod Rig Size 7

– Chod Rigs are one of the best methods of presenting Pop-ups over weedy, silty lake beds with lots of detritus (chod) on the bottom.
– For optimum efficiency the rig uses ultra sharp Stiff Rigger hooks, Stiff Bristle Filament and a smoothly rotating Japanese Uni Link Swivel.
– The whipping knot on E-S-P Chod Rigs grips the hook very tightly ensuring the Bristle Filament comes off the hook dead in line with the shank.
– The combination of a high quality smoothly rotating Uni Link Swivel and a subtle curved ‘set’ to the Bristle Filament means that whichever way Carp approach the hookbait the rig will spin round resulting in a secure hook hold in the bottom lip virtually every time.
– Available in Size 4 – 20lb, Size 5 – 20lb, Size 6 – 15lb and Size 7 – 15lb.
– 3 rigs per pack.


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