Designed to fit securely in the isotope slot on the Barrel Bobbin, the ESP Barrel Bobbin Isotope comes in a clear PVC tube, which helps protect the glass isotope case, and also provides a snug fit, and eliminates the need for glue or sealant.

Offering a super bright functionality, these ESP isotopes are perfect for night float fishing, and also offer excellent visual indication at range.  A practical addition to your angling arsenal, these isotopes help you take your angling to the next level. Isotopes come into their own when you’re fishing in urban areas, where you may not want to disturb people living nearby, or when you simply want to keep things a little quieter than a bite alarm would allow.

A perfect tackle box addition, these isotopes are the ideal choice for any venue, and work well with most disciplines. Bright, convenient, and easy to set up, these isotopes are well worth investing in.

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