Super soft buoyant imitation maggot in two sizes to use on the hook or hair rig. Ideal where a slow sinking hook bait is requiredeg. when fish are taking on the drop. Can be used on their own or in conjunction with real maggotsto produce a popped up or critically balanced bait. If fishing over bottom debris or weeda popped up or critically balanced hook bait can be achievedby matching with an appropriate size hook. Also useful where small fish are a nuisanceconstantly tearing real maggots of the hook. Our imitation maggots work best when used with real maggots either as loose feed or in PVA bags. Insert the hook and slide around the bend to a position that leaves the hook bend clear to take real maggotsand does not interfere with hook penetration. Note: More than one imitation maggot may be required to achieve a popped up presentation. Resists the attention of nuisance species including crayfish. Pack contains 20 in 2 different sizes.
Enterprise Tackle Imitation Maggots Mixed Pack 

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