Offering an alternative to our buoyant imitation casterour sinking casters have been developed to sink slowly mimicking a free offeringand have proved very effective for a variety of species. Over the past few yearsour imitation caster have proved to be the top bait for specimen tenchaccounting for many multiple catches and double figure fish up to 12lb 15oz. Unlike the fake casters produced by some other companieswe purposely enhance the colours of ours so they stand out from the loose feed. Its not just tench that find them attractive. Every season many specimen chub and barbel also fall to themwith their resistance to minnows and other small nuisance fish being a key factor in their success. Although they are soft enough to side hookmost successful anglers either fish two or three on a D rigor hair rig themoften in combination with real casters superglued to the hair in a cluster.
Enterprise Tackle Imitation Sinking Casters 

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