Swim Stim Ready-to-use paste

This is the perfect ready prepared paste to compliment any of the other
products in the Swim Stim range.

Straight from the tub it is perfect for moulding around the hook or for
wrapping around boilies. If you want to make it slightly softer for use
on the pole then you simply need to knead it with wet fingers and work a
bit more moisture into it to soften it further.

You can get this paste in Amino Original, Betaine Green and Red Krill

The Range;

– Groundbaits (Re-loaded, Original, Green, Black, Red Krill, Method,
Method 2kg, Sweet Fishmeal 2kg)

– Milled expander groundbait

– Match Mini’s – Boilies and Dumbells

– Pro-Expanders Pellets (Original, Green, Red Krill) 4mm, 6mm (3mm
Original Only)

– Extreme Hook Pellets (White Amino, Red Krill, Betaine Green, Amino
Original) 4mm & 6mm (same pot)

– Carp Pellets (Original, Green, Red Krill) 1mm, 3mm, 6mm, 8mm

– Extreme Paste (Original, Green, Red Krill)

– Ready to use Paste (Original, Green, Red Krill)

Features and Videos;

Swim Stim Pellet and Paste


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