Drennan XL Pellet Waggler, A clever design of pellet waggler incorporating Drennans famous Crystal technology. Ideal for fishing at distance and particularly effective for combating both wind and surface skim on open water venues. These robust, clear-bodied wagglers have flighted tips to aid casting accuracy and come with removable discs, which help to make a fishattracting noise and reduce the depth they dive on impact. The amount of buoyancy and tip showing can be easily adjusted by adding and removing the loaded discs. Transparent bodies ensure they are less conspicuous to wary fish Ultra strong and durable construction Available with red, orange or yellow tips Perfect for medium to long range work Tips are flighted to ensure the wagglers cast arrow-straight Cope extremely well with exposed, open venues that are prone to surface skim Designed for supporting large 8mm+ sizes of banded pellets on the hook Also work brilliantly with hairrigged meat, boilies and bunches of maggots Two removable disc loadings allow each float to be adjusted for visibility and buoyancy Also supplied with removable dive discs to help prevent plunging too deep on impact Easily fixed onto the line with a T-bar waggled connector, Grippa Stops or sliding float stops Ideally, attach with two or three Grippa Stops below the waggler and one or two above the float Perfect for bigweight venues in the UK, such as Gold Valley, Larford Lakes, Makins, Stafford Moor, Boddington Reservoir and Hayfield Lakes
Drennan XL Pellet Waggler 

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