Designed with the specialist and pleasure angler in mind, this compact unhooking mat from Drennan provides an easy, portable way to protect any fish you catch while they are being unhooked on the bank.Made from hard wearing, durable 600D material, and featuring a fish-friendly, waterproof, double layered foam inner, this mat features clips that enable it to be securely and easily attached to any of the Drennan range of specialist fishing rucksacks, giving you a dedicated, striking style that’s effortless to transport to your chosen swim. Velcro straps ensure the mat stays securely rolled while in transit, while heavy duty D-rings allow you to peg the mat down in windy conditions, or on uneven banks. At just 90x48cm unrolled, and 15x48cm rolled for transporting to the bank, this is a compact mat that is ideally suited to those specialists who choose to focus on smaller fish, such as perch, or whose favourite swims don’t offer much in the way of usable bank space.With a commitment to helping anglers catch more, and better, fish, and to providing value for money with easy-to-use products, Drennan is an international company with its roots firmly in UK soil, and a focus on applying the latest technologies across its range of over 2,500 products, sold at over 2000 locations in the UK and on the Continent. The official sponsor of the England International Seniors Team since 1993, Drennan’s partnership with the team has seen regular successes, including the team taking gold medals just a year after Drennan’s sponsorship started. Like many successful tackle brands, Drennan began with one young angler’s enthusiasm, and a need to create custom floats and other tackle to suit his own needs, and grew into a powerful, respected brand with an extensive reach and reputation for excellence across the board.
Drennan Specialist Compact Unhooking Mat 

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