Drennan Micro Barbed Red Maggot Hooks.
Since Drennan Tackle International first began in 1967, it has had three requirements for its products: they must be good value for money, easy to use even for beginner anglers, and of course help you to catch more fish. After growing and developing, Drennan is now one of the most respected terminal tackle producers in the industry. All of its research and tackle development still remains in the UK despite the trend in recent years to outsource, this means that it can utilise the latest technology to design and develop its products to their full potential. It works with expert anglers who are passionate about their field at the key stages of product design and production to ensure it is creating tackle that is useful for the modern angler. These Drennan Micro Barbed Red Maggot Hooks are a successful product of this efficient process.These Drennan hooks are ideal for fishing with red maggots either singularly or in bunches, with pieces of worm or, in the bigger sizes, red sweetcorn. There is a number of ways for you to use these hooks no matter what type of bait you prefer to use. They come in five different sizes which are all individual and have different features, giving you a whole range of options on how you want to fish.All of these hooks are a dark red colour which doesn’t fade over a session, so you can reap the benefits of this magnificent colour for the entire length of the hook’s life. They are micro barbed with a spade end and also feature a superb swept crystal blend. With a chemically etched long needle point, penetrating these hooks will be an easy task. They all have a normal wire gauge at 0.43mm forged and a med/long shank. The versatility these five different Drennan Micro Barbed Red Maggot Hooks can provide you is astonishing; each has individual quirks that make it perfect for a certain style of baits.On a size 14, you can fish red corn or two or three red maggots and it is most often fished on line of 2lb to 3 1/2lb. It also boasts an excellent design feature; the special drop crystal blend sits the bait down right below the point and helps to reduce the number of missed bites so you can get as many fish on the bank as possible. Size 16 is the perfect colour for red maggots and strong enough for you to catch some chub and is also a fantastic worm or sweetcorn hook where its long, curved point can be left in position just showing through the bait. This small hook is more versatile than it looks and it normally tied to lines of 2lb to 3lb+.Size 18 is ideal for both single or double red maggot, an excellent caster hook and usually fish on lines between 1 1/2lb and 2 1/2lb. You are more likely to wear off the red finish before damage the hook when you bag it up thanks to its toughness and durability. Red maggots are widely known to be able to catch more fish and matching them with a red hook will no doubt provide you with an advantage. This size 20 is the perfect shape and wire gauge to go with the amazing colour and is normally fished on lines of 1lb to 2lb+.Size 22 is a brilliant hook for red maggot or double red pinkie. It has a strong, durable shape, and has been heavily forged. A single hook can last you all match, so you will save time because you won’t have to switch around your hooks, and you’ll also get the best value for your money. It is normally tied to lines of 1lb to 2lb+.


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