Drennan Quickstop Carp Method Hair RigsWith an especially shaped bend and offset point, these Quickstop Barbless Carp Method Hair Rigs from Drennan have been designed with method fishing in mind. Precision construction ensures that once hooked fish are highly unlikely to be lost and the shape of the hook itself actually decreases the chances of missed bites significantly increasing capture rate overall. These hair rigs are some of Drennan’s most advanced terminal tackle to date and are available in four sizes.Size 8, the largest size, is ideal for big baits and big fish. Tied to a 10lb Drennan Supplex Mono, this hair rig can easily handle double figure carp. Suitable for 12mm 14mm boilies, this rig works incredibly effectively when matched with large cube or roughly shaped luncheon meats. As with all the rigs in this series, Drennan recommends drilling hard pellets with a 1.5mm drill before inserting the Drennan Quickstop Barbless Carp Method Hair Rig in order to avoid splitting your pellet.Size 10 is incredibly versatile and can also be used with larger baits and when targeting larger carp. Two to three grains of sweet corn make particularly effective bait on this rig, although you can also use two 8mm soft hookers or a single 14mm pellet if you choose. You’re also able to fish with 12mm 14mm boilies on this hook.Size 12 is among the most popular in the range, particularly for those anglers who favour carp fishing on commercial waters. Small cubes of meats as well as 10mm 12mm pellets or boilies are ideal baiting strategies when using the size 12 Quickstop Barbless Carp Method Hair Rig.Many anglers’ favourite size, size 14 is still large enough to land large carp without being overly obtrusive. Two 6mm pellets, mounted sideways, or 10mm 12mm finished individually have proved devastating baiting tactics when using this rig. It is at this size where you need be less concerned about splitting pellets, and provided you take care these Quickstops can be pushed through soft pellets with relative ease.Finally, size 16 is the ideal size for tricking nervous carp on hard fished waters. 10mm pellets and mini boilies are perfect on this rig, and a large grain of corn will sit on this hair length perfectly.It can be incredibly difficult to tie and accurate hair rig. When you’re on the bank, numb fingers and the need to keep an eye on your rod tips at all times can wreck havoc with the construction of a quality hair rig. If you’re prepping your terminal tackle off the bank, poor lighting, eyesight, and sheer finger size can all play their part in creating a messy hair rig. You want a high quality hair rig that you can rely on, especially if you’re aiming for double figure carp! This is why investing in a top quality pre-tied rig, such as this option from Drennan, can not only save you time but it can also put your mind at ease. Save yourself the worry that you’re going to loose you fish due to a poorly constructed rig with this Drennan Quickstop Carp Method Hair Rig.These hair rigs are supplied eight to a packet, so you’re not likely to run short on the average angling session. All of the hair rigs in the range feature hooks which have been manufactured from super high carbon steel. These hooks also boast chemically sharpened points, to ensure that you’re able to get a solid hookset each time. These are tied to 3 inch (approximately 8cm) extra strong and extra strong mono, too, for perfect presentation in a variety of scenarios. If you’re looking for a top quality barbless hair rig to revolutionise your carp fishing career you need look no further than this offering from Drennan.


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