Drennan Polemaster Pull Bung,After lengthy development Drennan launched the Drennan Polemaster Pullbung at the very end of 2011 a tackle item which has really grown in popularity at Commercial Puddle type venues in recent years.The purpose of the Pullbung is to allow the pole angler to effectively set the chosen elastic soft to fish for both small silverfish & small carp without fear of bumping them. However, if a much larger fish is encountered the angler can ship back to the relevant section containing the Pull Bung and gradually start to pull elastic out of the tube with his free hand usually securing this with the fingers of the hand holding the top kit. This effectively tightens the elastic, gradually exerting more pressure on the fish, and enables the angler to successfully land it without the need for playing a fish for an abnormally long time and then having to try and net it with a long length of pole in the air (potentially risking an expensive carbon breakage !) and lots of elastic stretched out.The Pullbung is made in a relatively pliable plastic so that it is easy to cut without splitting or cracking. It also comes complete with super slick internal bushes top and bottom to reduce wear and protect the elastic and is probably best used with a strong carp type pole i.e. one designed to be used with more powerful elastics.
Drennan Polemaster Pull Bung 

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