Carp 5 Pole Rigs have been purpose-designed to help you catch more carp on commercial fisheries.Anglers used to tying their own rigs will know how much time it takes to assemble a rig of this quality!Each rig features quality Drennan components and has been skilfully hand tied in our own factories to our exacting specifications.The rigs all feature a robust and sensibly balanced main line, hooklength and hook combination, constructed with strong and reliable knots. This ensures every Carp Pole Rig is as durable and reliable as possible. Even the size of shot and its spacing on the line has been carefully considered according to each specific rig.Each Carp Pole Rig also comes supplied on an extra strong pole winder with information conveniently printed on it for ease of reference.The rigs are available in sizes ranging from.2g to.8g and come in both Hooker and Bandit versions. The Hooker versions use a Wide Gape Pellet hook which is ideal for maggot, caster, worm, corn, and expander pellets. The Bandit versions are tied with a Carp Hair Rigger hook and have a mini bait band for attaching a variety of baits.

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