Drennan Bungee is a tubulartwin-walled pole elastic with a hollow core and a highly visible fluorescent outer. It has excellent stretchrecovery and fish-playing characteristicsstretching out much further and longer than solid latex elastic. Bungee also works exceptionally well with pull bungs and the Drennan Side Pull System. Carp Bungee is available in four sizesrated from 68 (1.8mm) through to 1820 (2.9mm). It makes the perfect power play shock absorber and helps to subdue fish of all sizes rapidly. The special Bungee Connector beads included act as a sight bob and an effective buffer stop against the PTFE bush. F1 & Silverfish Bungee is rated 4-6 (1.5mm) making it the ideal shock absorber for silverfish such as roach perch and bream as well as small F1s.A free Dacron Connector is also included plus clear instructions on how to attach it. Power Bungee is ideal for margin work and handling extra-large carp. It is supplied in a 2.6m length with an extra-large Bungee Connector also included. This fluorescent orange elastic has a nominal 25 elastic rating and an average diameter of 3.6mm.”
Drennan Bungee Pole Elastic 

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