Drennan Carp Maggot Hook to Nylon, 8 barbless hooks tied to 25cm of extra strong, low diameter mono. Available in sizes 14 20. Size 14: On 14’s you can fish red corn,two or three red maggot or combination baits of red maggot and corn.In 0.43mm wire,these are tough & durable hooks,so you are likely to wear off the red finish before damaging the point! Size 16: On 0.40mm forged wire, these size 16’s are plenty strong enough for carp and ideal for fishing double red maggot, red sweetcorn or worm segments where the slightly curved point can be left protruding from the bait. Size 18: Ideal size for single or double red maggot and make an excellent caster hook. In heavily forged 0.36mm super high carbon steel wire, these are a tough, durable hook with very little spring in the gape. Size 20: Red is the most popular and successful maggot colour,producing more bites and more fish.Manufactured in 0.33mm gauge hire carbon steel wire this size 20 is heavily forged for extra strength and is the perfect shape for a single maggot.

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