J Braid is a pure Japanese 8 braid.

(300 metre Spools)

Planned and developed in Japan

Material made in Japan

Coloured and woven in Japan

Inspected and packed in Japan

By using ultra thin materials the J-Braid is super soft and smooth,
which you will instantly notice when you feel it. The 8 strand weave
results in very high circularity and a super smooth surface that
contributes to longer casting distance as well as quieter line travel
through the guides and on the reel.

In comparison with many braids out in the market J-Braid delivers ultra
low stretch and high strength for a small diameter thanks to its high
quality, Japanese-made yarn. And as many will discover it is ‘great
value for money’.

J-Braid went through extensive testing around the world. It was tested
as a light lure braid ‘down under’ right through to Deep Ocean jigging
and hitting GT’s on


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