Berkley Clear Mist Nanofil
If youre looking for a line which truly does break new ground then the Berkley Clear Mist Nanofil is the perfect fishing line for you. No fewer than seven years in the makingthis is an innovative line which has the ability to revolutionise your life on the bank. The design of this unique line combined Berkleys creativity with all the technical expertise of the DSM facility and together they created a completely innovative line formulation. Not a fluorocarbonnot a monofilamentand certainly not a braidthis is a uni-filament! This new uni-filament line is so spectacular that it won the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association EFTTEX award for best new product innovation in 2011 €“ so not only does it perform exceptionally but it is also critically acclaimed.

This unique manufacture is thanks to a brand new heat fusion processwhich has been used to bind the fibres in the Berkley Clear Mist Nanofil. Traditionallymonofilament lines are fused with glue. This process means that the individual fibres can wear and break apart with time €“ and the last thing you want on the bank is to feel the weight of a chunk on your line before your line snaps and the fish is lost forever. Berkleys patented heat fusion process means that the Clear Mist Nanofil is significantly more durable over time than classic monofilament lines €“ giving you prolonged precision performance. This is because the heat fusion process means the Nanofil is completely smooth and therefore highly abrasion resistant. This means the line will last longer than a traditional monofilament as it is coming under less wearing friction each time it is used.

Howeverit isnt only the durability of this line which places it head and shoulders above other single-strand lines on the market. It can also cast up to 30% further with less effort expenditure than a traditional monofilament. In laymens termsthis means that you can cast out to previously unreachable distances with ease €“ allowing you to target previously untapped features. It also means that there is less effort and wear on the line itself €“ despite powering along your fishing rod with increased speed. As there is no stretch on this lineyou can be confident that youre casting out accurately each time. Whats morethis also ensures that you can fish at distance with confidenceas it offers exceptional bite registration and the ability to set your hook instantly €“ allowing you to respond to takes with precision.

As it is a single strand linethe Berkley Clear Mist Nanofil is so incredibly thin it offers little resistance and drag in the water. This makes it the perfect line to use when youre predator fishingas it allows your lures to run deeper due to the fact that the line spends less time falling through the water column. Another huge benefit of the line is that it is practically invisible in a whole host of water types.

The Berkley Clear Mist Nanofil is suitable across the disciplines. It performs particularly well when match fishingespecially when using a feeder fishing tacticas well as when youre spinning or trotting for predators species. In factBerkley considers it to be the ultimate line for basstroutand sea trout. If youre looking for an outstanding all-rounder which has broken new ground in the angling industry then you need look no further €“ the Berkley Clear Mist Nanofil is the dream fishing line for your reel.

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