The Camo Recovery Sling has been designed first and foremost with fish care in mind.nnThe high flow, super lightweight mesh material we use allows for the easy passage and exchange?of water, allowing for your capture to recover fully in a safe environment will minimal stress.nnNot only does the Avid camo patterned mesh?look super cool, it’s also lightweight, quick to dry and extremely durable.nnFeaturing and fluoro yellow retaining cord with brass thread and sight ball, you can sure that your prize can be safely retained and secured.?nnThe Camo Recovery Sling is also tapered towards the bottom. This means that the fish will remain held upright in the best position for a full recovery.nnThere are more and more fisheries now not allowing anglers to bring slings on to fisheries that can retain fish, meaning that a separate?weigh?sling is required.nnThe Camo Recovery Sling features 4 independently removable floats, quickly?changing the Recovery Sling to a weigh sling only.?nnNot only will this keep you fishing within the rules of the lake, but will also save you having to buy a separate weigh sling.nnSupplied in a 100% heat sealed waterproof?bag which helps to stop unwanted water from leaking during transportation.?nnThe Camo Recovery Slings are available in standard and XL sizes, so no matter how big you carp may be, you can care for the it?in the best way possible.

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