The Benchmark LevelTech Recliner Chair is designed purely with comfort and luxury in mind. Featuring a luxurious fleece-lined memory foam mattress, this chair offers support and comfort where it matters most.nProviding ultimate stability and reliability, the new LevelTech leg system gives you peace of mind when adjusting your chair that it will never slip and last the test of time. The LevelTech leg system features oversized mud feet that offer maximum security on any ground conditions.nThe Benchmark LevelTech Recliner Chair is fitted with a multi-point reclining system to allow you to adjust the chair to the perfect position, regardless of the terrain. The padded armrest also helps to improve comfort and reduce fatigue.nThe Benchmark LevelTech Recliner Chair incorporates a high back, with a built-in raised headrest, which supports the neck when sitting for extended periods.n? LevelTech leg system n? Memory foam mattressn? Multi-point reclining systemn? Oversized mud feetn? Padded armrestsn? High backn? Raised headrest for maximum comfort and support